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Novozone Ltd.
5B Miro Place,

Tel: +649 415 3335

Wassertec – Providing a complete solution for your ozone needs, we also supply a variety of complimentary products for water treatment. These include venturi injectors, reverse osmosis and oxygen generators.
Our experienced staff will design, advise, supply, install and maintain a turnkey system, whatever your needs, be they domestic or industrial.

With installations in nine African countries and clients such as Coca Cola, SAB and Distell, Wassertec are perfectly positioned to become your partners in ozone.
We not only design and manufacture our Ozone generation systems to the highest quality and safety standards, but we also stock all components at our Cape Town offices – ensuring rapid replacement of spares and minimal downtime.
If you are looking for high quality Ozone Generators, with backup and service to match, you’re in the right place.

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