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Bottling Plant – Ozone Generator – Bottle Cleansing Systems

If you are looking for high quality Ozone Generators, with backup and service to match, you’re in the right place. We can help you. Welcome to Wassertec.
Since 1998 we have specialised in the design and manufacture of top quality Ozone Generators for water and for air treatment.
Our Bright Blue systems for the Bottling industry are fully Coca Cola / SAB compliant and feature the best ozone control software currently available.
Wassertec products, whether for water treatment, using corona discharge or for air, using ultraviolet, are manufactured to the highest standards. At Wassertec, we understand quality. Our systems are properly engineered and thoroughly tested. All our products have been externally evaluated and are CE compliant.

About Wassertec – Ozone Generation

Founded in Cape Town, January 2002, Wassertec has become the leader in ozone and ozone generation in Southern Africa.
From day one, our vision was to design and manufacture the highest quality ozone systems primarily for the wine and bottled water industries. We believed that by taking care of the quality, the rest would take care of itself.
By collaborating with highly competent electrical engineers and industrial software developers, we have, over the years, created what we believe to be the best ozone systems currently available in their class.
From small beginnings we have grown the company and product line to become the leading manufacturer of ozone equipment in South Africa. Our specialised Bright Blue systems set the standard for ozone in the bottling industry.
With installations in nine African countries and clients such as Coca Cola, SAB and Distell, Wassertec are perfectly positioned to become your partners in ozone.