Invigorating Ozonated Swimming Pool Water

Ozone swimming pools are a chemical reduced alternative to swimming pool chlorination.

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Ozone Swimming Pools - Ozone treated, chemical free Ozone swimming pool system, eco friendly, cost effective swimming pool treatment - Ozone. Wassertec - Engineered Ozone Solutions for water and air treatment. Ozone Generators.

How Ozone Swimming Pools Work

Ozone swimming pools are a chemical reduced alternative to swimming pool chlorination. Ozone is continually produced using an ozone generator which converts oxygen from the air to ozone and this ozone is added to the swimming pool water using a venturi injector. The ozone generator automatically runs when the pool pump runs thereby reducing chlorine requirements by up to 90%.

After the filter, we install a venturi injector. As your pool water passes through the venturi, it creates a vacuum, which sucks air into the ozone generator. This converts the oxygen to ozone and then mixes the ozone into the water.

Why Use Ozone to Clean your Swimming Pool?

What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is a gas, derived from oxygen (O2) and is a powerful oxidant that has been used to disinfect water for over a century.

Ozone does the same job as chlorine does for your pool, but without the side-effects. When ozone has done its job, it simply reverts to oxygen. Whilst some chlorine may still be required it can be as little as 10%.

Water that has been ozonated feels soft, is very clear and has absolutely no taste or smell. Stepping out of an ozone-treated swimming pool feels like stepping out of the bath or shower. Your skin feels clean, fresh and there’s no tightness or irritation and there’s no chemical residue in your hair. Kids just love swimming in ozone water compared to salt or chlorine.

Ozone swimming pools are economical and highly eco-friendly! You can even use the backwash from your ozone swimming pool to water your garden! Installation is as easy as 1-2-3 and maintenance is minimal.

The Wassertec Test Pool

The Azure ozone generator has been extensively tested in our Wassertec test pool. This specially designed ozone swimming pool has undergone rigorous testing through all seasons with impressive results.

The winter months require approximately half the running time of the summer months, and minimal chemicals were needed.

Ozone Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance of the Wassertec Azure Ozone Swimming Pool System

The finer details

  • Ozone replaces chlorine in a swimming pool and will reduce the chemical consumption by 90%.
  • Ozone is highly effective at keeping the water clear, but you will still need to apply algaecide and balance the pH of the water.
  • ln heavy usage times and high water temperatures, you’ll need to supplement with a small amount of oxidiser (HTH or peroxide).
  • The effectiveness of ozone is enhanced by the use of sodium bromide. We will supply you with an initial 2 kg, with more available on request. Simply add 1 kg per 50,000 litres (20mg per 1,000 litres).

Electricity Usage

Power and Pump

Your electricity usage will be minimal. The Azure ozone generator uses the same amount of electricity as 2 x 100w light bulbs!

And this will treat a pool up to 60,000 litres. lf your pool is bigger, we can supply you with the system you need for your size.

We recommend a 1.1Kw pool pump for this system, however you can get away with a .75Kw pump, if that’s what you have installed at the moment and you have a small pool. No less, though.

A 100w light bulb will treat a pool up to 60,000 litres

Pool Cover

Lounging by the pool

We strongly recommend the use of a pool cover, for the following reasons:

  1. You save water through reduced evaporation, and comply with current water restrictions.
  2. Reduced light transmission into the water prevents the build-up of algae.
  3. Allows you to run the system for less hours per day, which translates into significant electricity savings.

A good pool cover will pay for itself.

Download the Brochure

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