Air Treatment Systems

Small General Purpose Ozone Generator

A safe and simple way of eliminating odours as well as sanitising indoor environments. The UVO Ultra Violet Ozone Generators from Wassertec – effective ozone air treatment systems.

Ultra Violet Ozone Generators South Africa - Air Treatment Systems

UVO Wallmount

Ozone Output: 200mg/hr

UVO Portable

Ozone Output: 200mg/hr

UVO Portable Ozone Generator.

UVO Commercial Ozone Generator.

UVO Commercial, Stainless Steel

Ozone Output: 1000mg/hr


  • Suitable for air treatment applications
  • Residential and Commercial models
  • High quality, long-lasting UV lamp
  • Durable electro-galvanised or stainless steel casing
  • Freestanding or wallmounted
  • Portable options

Internal View of UVO Wallmount Ozone Generator.

UVO Wallmount Internal View

UVO Ozone Generator showing air treatment process.


  • Air sanitation and disinfection
  • Removes residual odours and kills bacteria
  • Eliminates airborne pathogens and harmful chemicals
  • UV lamp working life of 9000 hours
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Built to the highest standards
  • Durable, long lasting components

Suitable Applications of Ozone Air Treatment

It is important to note when using ozone that no two applications will be the same. Before determining the amount of ozone required the following needs to be known:

  1. Quality of required result.
  2. Quality of the air volume to be treated.

Each has their own set of variables which will require analysis. Here are some applications to which a UV ozone generator is suited.

Hotel room de-odourisation

Typical residual odours are from tobacco, body odour, perfume & food. A 200 mg/hr portable unit will effectively treat a 35m² hotel room in 20-30 minutes.
For a room of 50m² 45-55 minutes is required.

Smoking areas

A 200 mg/hr wall mounted unit will effectively control smoke per 31m² when operating continuously.

Cold storage

Ozone is used to disinfect air in cold storage rooms. A 200 mg/hr wall mounted unit per 13m² running continuously will maintain air disinfection.

Butcheries & Fishmongers

Ozone air treatment is effective for controlling odours and bacteria. A 200 mg/hr wall mounted unit per 42m² running continuously will maintain air disinfection.


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