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UVO-Wallmount - Odour Removal South Africa

UVO-Wallmount – Odour Removal South Africa – Odour free air and air disinfection – Wassertec Ozone Solutions.

Wassertec’s compact wall mounted ultraviolet units are ideal for keeping smoking areas fresh as well as providing air disinfection in kitchens and those hold-your-breath refuse areas whether at the office, at home or in business such as take-away food outlets, pet stores, butcheries or any environment where fresh, clean air is required.

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Airzure is perfect for freshening hotel and guesthouse rooms, smoking areas, cold storage areas and odourous retail outlets like butcheries, fast food outlets and fishmongers. It is also effective in cancelling out mildew smells and that strong smell left behind in a freshly painted area. The Airzure is available as a wall-mounted unit, as a portable carrying unit and as a heftier unit for commercial use.

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With installations in nine African countries and with clients such as Coca Cola, SAB and Distell, Wassertec are perfectly positioned to become your partners in ozone.
We not only design and manufacture our Ozone generation systems to the highest quality and safety standards, but we also stock all components at our Cape Town offices – ensuring rapid replacement of spares and minimal downtime.

For high quality Ozone Generators, with backup and service to match – welcome to Wassertec.