Ozone Generator Service Technicians

High quality oxygen generators.
The OX5 oxygen generators produce up to 5 litres per minute of oxygen at >93% purity from a compressed air supply. Simple, reliable and serviceable.

Ozone Generator Service Technicians

Oxygen generators and Oxygen concentrators available in Africa. Ozone Machines

Designed and made in South Africa

In 2005 we decided to design an oxygen generator to compliment our ozone technology. This is because you need oxygen to make ozone. Two years of design and development led to the creation of our OX5 oxygen generator. It produces up to 5 litres per minute of oxygen at >93% purity from a compressed air supply. It’s simple, reliable and above all, serviceable.
Made entirely from CNC machined aluminium, the OX5 uses a specially designed ceramic rotary valve to send air alternately to a pair of cylinders. These cylinders are filled with a ‘Molecular Sieve’ which separates the oxygen from other gases in the air. The quality of the molecular sieve is critical to the performance and reliability of the system. We only use the highest quality ‘Nitroxy 5’ sieve, imported from France.


Ozone Generator Service Technicians

All Wassertec products are fully serviceable and we have service technicians. We do not service or repair other brands.

We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our ozone products. All our ozone generators are built into custom designed laser cut enclosures. Materials used are chosen for their resistance to ozone, mainly stainless steel, alumina ceramic & Teflon. Our electronics have been thoroughly tested for resistance to short circuits and voltage surges. We no not take short cuts or use inferior materials.

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