Ozone in Hotels

Ozone in Hotels - Wassertec Ozone - Specialists in ozone systems and ozone technology - Cape Town

Ozone in Hotels – Wassertec Ozone – Specialists in ozone systems and ozone technology – Cape Town

Ozone has various applications in the hospitality business. Using ozone in hotels is a very effective way of removing odours and sanitizing rooms.

Mould, fungus, and mildew growth are prevented by using ozone to clean carpets and cupboards as well as walls.

Various large hotel chains use ozone purifying systems including Hilton, Sheraton and Marriott.

Part of the high standard of cleaning and hygiene in any hotel is the removal of bad odours that can be caused by guests smoking in the room, dampness, and the preparation of food. Removing these odours can take time and with a quick turnaround of rooms there might not be time for these odours to dissipate naturally or for the curtains and carpets (which might absorb the smells) to be cleaned.

Ozone takes away this problem. Ozone removes the smell rather than masks it in the way traditional cleaning methods do. Ozone therefore also becomes a cost and time-effective method of cleaning hotel rooms as it eliminates the need for expensive chemicals and cleaning products.

Room by Room


We all want to know that our food is coming out of a clean and sanitized kitchen. Because ozone is a gas it is a very effective cleaner – it reaches all surfaces, behind cupboards and in and around light fittings. Ozone oxidizes viruses, fungi, mould, and bacteria thus creating a very sanitary food preparation area.

Ozone also removes the odours left behind by the bacteria as well as stale cooking odours, and smells from rubbish bins and drains.

Ozone can be used inside refrigerators and deep freezers to remove the smells left behind by garlic or fish.

Ozone makes perishables last longer both in and out of the fridge. Using ozone keeps the air free from bacteria which then slows the ripening of fruit and veg and increases the life of meat and eggs. Keeping bacteria out of your kitchen also keeps insects away.

Chef and staff washroom areas and clothing can be disinfected using ozone thus preventing bacterial spread into the kitchen.

Lounge / Bar

By neutralizing odours ozone is very effective in the lounge areas of hotels in removing the smell of smoke which inevitably permeates carpets and curtains and soft furnishings. If any maintenance has had to be done in these public areas, ozone removes the smells of glue and paint.

Insects are deterred by the bacteria-free environment that ozone creates.

If a party has been held in the lounge area, ozone if great for clearing the room of the left-over smells of alcohol, smoke and food. An ozone generator can be left running for the night and by morning, the room smells fresh and clean again.

Restrooms / Bathrooms

Ozone is perfect for damp areas like bathrooms. It prevents the growth of mildew and bacteria and eliminates odours.


Ozone is effective in reducing pollen in the air thus preventing hay fever. It also assists in the prevention of the spread of flu viruses that can pass so easily from one employee to the next.


Stale, musty smells can be eradicated using ozone. Used in a cupboard, ozone deodorizes linen and clothing. It destroys all mildew and fungi and drives away moths and mites.

As in the office, flu viruses, pollen and other bacteria are eliminated thus creating a healthy environment.


Those hotels that use ozone have been reported to find that they experience a significant improvement in room turnaround time as well as increased guest satisfaction scores.  Which also translates into fewer guest refunds! They experience a reduction in the costs of cleaning materials and greater operational efficiency. Employees have also reported greater job satisfaction when the environment has been improved by the use of ozone.

For more information on ozone generators and how ozone can be safely used in a hotel environment, please Contact – Wassertec.