Rainwater Harvesting

The Azure Ozone Generator is a small general purpose corona discharge ozone generator that can be used to circulate water in a JoJo (or similar) tank for home use.

Rainwater Harvesting - Azure Ozone Generator

Proven Reliability

Azure has been designed for continuous operation in domestic and light commercial applications with minimal maintenance. The Azure is available in sizes of 1, 2 & 4 ozone modules.
All components are of high quality and chosen for their durability and resistance to ozone.
The stainless steel housing features a cover that allows the unit to be mounted outdoors in moderately sheltered environments (away from direct sunlight/rainfall).


Corona Discharge ozone generator
Suitable for water treatment / disinfection
Designed for continuous operation (fully serviceable)
Domestic and light commercial applications
Available as individual unit or complete water disinfection system
Indoor / outdoor use (provided there is shelter from rain/direct sunlight)
Durable ozone resistant components
2 x Ozone tubes made from Sintered Alumina Ceramic, Stainless Steel & Teflon
No glass or nylon parts


Complete water disinfection solution
Kills bacteria, viruses and pathogens
Destroys organic and inorganic contaminants
Custom designed systems to meet specific requirements
Easy to service and maintain
Built to the highest standards
Durable, long lasting components

Water Disinfection System

The Corona Discharge Azure can be supplied as an individual ozone generator
or as part of a system which offers a complete water disinfection solution.

Follow the link for a full explanation of this system.