Uses for an Ozone Generator

“6 Best Uses for an Ozone Generator

To remove smoke, mold and other lingering odors from your home’s air, an ozone generator is an essential appliance. Learn more from these 6 tips about the best uses of an ozone generator.
1. Every Day Ozone Generation
Clean the air of smoke and dust particles daily with a light-duty ozone generator. Install it in the room most often used by a smoker, or in a workshop where glues and adhesives are used frequently, to purge the air of these molecular-based odors. The air in your room will gain the freshness of the outdoors after a thunderstorm, much more pleasant than artificially scented air fresheners and purifiers.
2. High Ozone-Level Shock Treatments
In rooms that have developed mold growth, a high ozone-level shock treatment even with a small ozone generator can be effective in clearing your indoor air of the unpleasant odors of mold and mildew. In addition, a shock treatment from a large ozone generator at its highest setting can kill mold spores and stop their reproduction, eliminating the source of the odor. These treatments are helpful for sufferers of mold and mildew allergies. A shock treatment can also remove smoke particles that can cause ill health in the non-smokers in your household.
3. Ozone for Pet Odor Control
Your pets add odors to the air through their wet hair, flea and pest treatments, food, urine and feces. These can penetrate into carpets and upholstery, where they cannot be removed by vacuuming or even a deep carpet cleaning. An ozone generator attacks the molecules that hold these odors, breaking them up and eliminating the smells your pets cannot help producing. With regular use of an ozone generator, your pets’ presence in your home will be much less noticeable in the air you and they breathe.
4. Whole House Air Purifying
With a large capacity ozone generator, connected to the return air ducts of your home’s ventilation system, it is possible to purify the air throughout the house with just one ozone generator. Choose an ozone generator for whole house use that produces ozone bursts of up to 1 minute in length.
5. How to Control the Ozone Production Rate
Many ozone generators now come with a remote control unit you can use to program the rate of ozone bursts per minute, from 2 to 60. You can also use many models on half-power, for light daily air purification. At full power, the ozone generator can be programmed to provide a high-level ozone shock treatment in rooms that are musty from disuse, are used often by a cigarette smoker, or show evidence of mold growth. The ozone shock feature can be programmed for a single room for up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted ozone production.
6. How Can I Get the Right Size Ozone Generator
Choose an ozone generator for a single room that generates up to 240 mg (milligrams) of ozone per hour. For a whole house of under 1000 square feet, obtain an ozone generator that produces up to 400 mg of ozone per hour. For homes over 2000 square feet, get an ozone generator that sends out up to 800 mg per hour of ozone.” (Souce –

Uses for an Ozone Generator
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