Venturi Injectors

Venturi injector showing air being injected into a stream of water - Venturi Injector - dosing chemicals, aerating water, dosing ozone and fertigation - VenturiVenturi injectors are a highly efficient way to introduce liquid or gas into water. They are ideal for dosing chemicals, aerating water, dosing ozone and fertigation.
The picture on the right shows air being injected into water.

How does a venturi work?

Venturi Injector - dosing chemicals, aerating water, dosing ozone and fertigation - Venturi

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Venturis work on a principle of differential pressure. In short, water flows into the venturi at a higher pressure than that at which it exits. This pressure difference creates a vacuum at the suction port on the side of the device. This sucks air, ozone or liquid into the main water stream. So, the greater the difference in pressure, the greater the vacuum and, with that, the greater the efficiency of mixing.
If sized and installed correctly, a venturi can achieve a gas/water ratio of 1:1. (i.e. inject 1 litre of air/ozone into every litre of water that passes through it). For Liquid dosing this ratio is maximum 1:10 (i.e. inject a maximum of 1 litre of chemical into every 10 litres of water)
Venturis come in a number of different sizes. Size is determined not by the size of the pipeline into which it is installed, but rather by the pressure and flow rate of the water.

Which venturi do I need?

Wassertec are agents for Mazzei Injectors, which are made in the USA. Mazzei venturis are engineered from highly chemically resistant Kynar (PVDF) and are available in sizes ranging from ½ inch to 12 inch pipe diameter. We keep stock of models in the ½ inch to 3 inch range. Other sizes are available on request.
Please refer to the Venturi Performance Tables and to our Venturi Selection Guide.
We have many years of experience in supplying venturis. Please call us for advice.