Water Eductors South Africa

Venturi eductors are a highly efficient way to introduce liquid or gas into water. They are ideal for dosing chemicals, aerating water, dosing ozone and fertigation.

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How does a venturi eductor work?

Venturis eductors work on a principle of differential pressure.
In short, water flows into the venturi at a higher pressure than that at which it exits. This pressure difference creates a vacuum at the suction port on the side of the device. This sucks air, ozone or liquid into the main water stream. So, the greater the difference in pressure, the greater the vacuum and, with that, the greater the efficiency of mixing.
If sized and installed correctly, a venturi can achieve a gas/water ratio of 1:1. (i.e. inject 1 litre of air/ozone into every litre of water that passes through it). For Liquid dosing this ratio is maximum 1:10 (i.e. inject a maximum of 1 litre of chemical into every 10 litres of water).
Venturis come in a number of different sizes. Size is determined not by the size of the pipeline into which it is installed, but rather by the pressure and flow rate of the water.

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Did you know?
Since 1978, high-efficiency Mazzei Venturi injectors have been thoroughly mixing nutrients and crop protection products into irrigation systems using the physics of flowing water to draw inputs into an irrigation stream. Mazzei injectors have no moving parts and often do not require a supplemental pump—minimizing cost and maintenance.
Winemakers everywhere are discovering that pumping the juice through a Mazzei® macro aeration Wine Pump-over venturi injector during fermentation aspirates a substantial amount of air/oxygen into the liquid. Mazzei injectors are highly efficient, low cost devices for energizing fermentation. During the macro aeration process, the wine is pumped through a Mazzei venturi injector which draws in and uniformal distributes oxygen into the juice. Trouble-free with no moving parts, Mazzei venturi wine pump-over injectors deliver uniform distribution. They are simple-to-use, self-priming and can run dry without problems. Superior mixing is due to Mazzei superior patented technology.