Wine Industry Ozone Cape Town

The Bright Blue 20G systems have been in production and constantly refined since 2001. They are found in Dairy, Juice, Wine & Water bottling plants throughout Africa. The Bright Blue 20G is the most advanced ozone system for bottle rinsing & package disinfection currently on the market. The Bright Blue 20G has been specifically designed to supply ozone infused water to bottle rinsers so as to aid package disinfection.

Wine Industry Ozone Cape Town

Bright Blue 20G Ozone System - Bottle and Package Disinfection - Wine Industry Ozone Cape Town

Bottle Rinsing & Product Disinfection

Wine Industry Ozone – Ozone systems are specifically designed for bottle rinsing and package disinfection.

  • In-line electronic ozone measurement and control in ppm.

    In-line electronic ozone measurement and control

    in Parts per Million (PPM)

  • 0.5ppm Ozone Residual (After Bottling).

    0.8ppm to 1.2ppm

    Recommended ozone residuals for bottle rinsing.
    (Adjustable from 0.00 to 2.00 ppm).

  • Recycling of rinse water.

    1000 ℓ/hr → 1000 ℓ/day

    Recycling of rinse water (reduces consumption from +/- 1000 litres/hour to +/- 1000 litres/day.

  • Interlocks to Rinser.

    Interlocks to Rinser

    Bottles cannot be rinsed if ozone level is not correct.

Water Recycling

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Reduce Water Consumption

The Bright Blue can be supplied with our water-recycling skid, which captures and re-uses the rinse water. This can reduce water consumption from +/- 1000 litres per hour to around 1000 litres per day.
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Ethernet Connectivity

Remote Control

We use 10″ full colour touch screens, which have optional Ethernet Connectivity.
With the system connected to a network it becomes possible to operate the Ozone Generator by remote control from a Desktop or Laptop PC with full access to all functionality.

Bright Blue 20G Ozone System - Remote control from your PC.

Ozone Control

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PID Controller

The level of ozone in the water is controlled using a dedicated PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controller. This continuously measures the level of ozone and the rate of change against the user defined set-point.
The amount of ozone produced is then adjusted proportionally to the rate of change. This allows for very accurate control. The ozone set point is also linked to the “Ozone OK” interlock, so changing the set point automatically changes the value at which the interlock switches.
Bright Blue CCS Ozone System - Bottle Disinfection Systems. Set Point - Wine Industry Ozone

Climate Control System

Bright Blue CCS Ozone System - Bottle Disinfection Systems. climate control air-conditioning

Seifert Air Conditioners

All Bright Blue CCS systems are climate controlled using built-in Seifert air conditioners. This further enhances reliability by keeping the inside of the system clean, cool and dry.


By preventing dust from entering the panel, the systems stay clean – ensuring that components last longer and allowing for easier maintenance.


Most of our systems are installed in tropical countries with warm to hot climates and high levels of humidity. Systems are kept cool in order to work optimally under these conditions.


The air conditioning keeps the electronics dry – preventing damp and moisture, ensuring that the electronics are always working at their best.


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