Bright Blue CCS South Africa

The most advanced ozone system for prepared water disinfection currently on the market.
The Bright Blue CCS product disinfection systems were designed and developed
specifically for the “Bon Aqua” & “Dasani” brands.

Bright Blue CCS Ozone System - Prepared Water Disinfection Systems

Coca-Cola Specification

These systems are designed to meet Coca-Cola specifications for the disinfection of prepared water (Coca-Cola standards for Ozonation and Electrical Equipment), namely 4 minutes of ozone contact time at a level high enough to ensure ozone residual after bottling of around 0.5ppm, in order to achieve a 5 log reduction in microbiology.

  • 4 minutes of Ozone Contact Time.

    4 minutes

    Ozone Contact Time

  • 0.5ppm Ozone Residual (After Bottling).

    0.5 ppm

    Ozone Residual (After Bottling)

  • 5 Log Reduction in Microbiology.

    5 Log Reduction

    in Microbiology

Focus on Quality and Reliability

Built to the Highest International Standards

The Bright Blue product water disinfection system has been constantly improved and refined since the first unit was produced in 2001. The Bright Blue CCS complies with EU/ CE standards and conforms to the Coca-Cola Electrical & Mechanical Standards Specifications.
Our focus has always been on quality and reliability, so much so that many of our customers regard our systems as amongst the most reliable in their plant.
If maintenance and servicing procedures are observed then operational life of around 20 years can be expected.

  • Ozone Generator meets Coca-Cola Specifications. Bright Blue CCS Ozone System - Prepared Water Disinfection Systems
  • SAB Miller Standards. Bright Blue CCS Ozone System - Prepared Water Disinfection Systems
  • Ozone Generator meets EU / CE Standards. Bright Blue CCS Ozone System - Prepared Water Disinfection Systems
Ozone Generator built to hightest standards - Focus on Quality and Reliability. Bright Blue CCS Ozone System - Prepared Water Disinfection Systems

Operation and Maintenance

Bright Blue CCS Ozone System - Prepared Water Disinfection Systems

Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain

The water disinfection system is extremely easy to operate and features software developed by Wassertec. Only occasional interventions are required to calibrate the system against an ozone test kit to ensure correct ozone readings are displayed.
The system is controlled by a full colour touchscreen Control Panel. Our unique interface features easy to read dials and icons. Operation is straightforward and intuitive with varying access levels for Operators, Administrators & Technicians.

    • One touch On/Off for easy operation.

      One Touch On/Off

      On a day-to-day basis the operator simply pushes the start/stop button. The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) does the rest.
      For systems making use of the built-in Interlocks, this can be done from the Rinser/Filler control panel.

    • Ozone system features a diagnostic mode.


      The product disinfection system features a diagnostic mode which allows the administrator to easily interrogate each of the system’s main components. It allows any of the major components to be run independently so that they can be verified.

  • Ozone Level Set-Point Control.

    Ozone Level Set-Point Control

    Measurement & control of Ozone ppm (parts per million) in the water is done using a Dr. Reiss GMBH ozone probe and dedicated PID controller.
    This allows for accurate control of the desired dissolved ozone level to within as little as 1% of the set-point.

  • Bright Blue water disinfection systems come standard with 4 interlocks.


    Bright Blue product disinfection systems come standard with 4 interlocks
    using Potential Free Contacts:

    1. System Start/Stop
    2. S.I.P. (Sterilise in Place)
    3. Ozone Level at Set-point
    4. System Healthy

    The systems can be run in either Local or Remote modes.

Ethernet Connectivity

Remote Control

We use 10″ full colour touch screens, which have optional Ethernet Connectivity.
With the system connected to a network it becomes possible to operate the Ozone Generator by remote control from a Desktop or Laptop PC with full access to all functionality.

Bright Blue CCS Ozone System - Prepared Water Disinfection Systems

Climate Control System

Bright Blue CCS Ozone System - Prepared Water Disinfection Systems. climate control air-conditioning

Seifert Air Conditioners

All Bright Blue CCS systems are climate controlled using built-in Seifert air conditioners. This further enhances reliability by keeping the inside of the system clean, cool and dry.


By preventing dust from entering the panel, the systems stay clean – ensuring that components last longer and allowing for easier maintenance.


Most of our systems are installed in tropical countries with warm to hot climates and high levels of humidity. Systems are kept cool in order to work optimally under these conditions.


The air conditioning keeps the electronics dry – preventing damp and moisture, ensuring that the electronics are always working at their best.