Why Use a Bottle Rinser

Why do you need to use a bottle rinser like our Bright Blue Ozone System?

Why Use a Bottle Rinser

Prior to the filling process, liquid containers need to be clean to avoid contamination. The best way to eliminate any contaminants from bottles before filling with product is to use bottle rinsers / cleaners, which can remove dust and other particles that can result in spoilage and potential liability problems.

Different types of particles that are removed by a bottle rinsing machine

Bacteria have resulted in huge product recalls, and in some cases the death of consumers. Bacteria contamination can cause serious damage to a company and harm their reputation, which may cause expensive losses.

Bacteria can gather during the product manufacturing process and if these bacteria are present when bottles are prepared for filling and capping, each bottle should undergo thorough cleaning prior to filling.

If a bottle is left in storage for a long period of time before bottling, it can gather a lot of dust. Dust particles can contaminate products, often containing various bacteria and allergens that can irritate consumers and compromise health.

Wood Particles
Wood particles can potentially enter bottles during the manufacturing process, depending on the types of processes that occur within a facility. These can be difficult to detect, but a system of bottle cleaners can thoroughly remove wood particles before the filling and packaging processes take place.

Metal Particles
Sometimes metal particles can contaminate bottles during the manufacturing process depending on the process used in the bottles creation. Depending on the size of the particles and the type of metal that is present, these particles can spoil products and cause health problems. For non-consumable products, metal can corrode in liquids and still contaminate products to the point where they become obsolete.

Meeting Industrial Product Safety Standards
Another reason for using bottle cleaning equipment in liquid filling lines is to meet the safety standards across a variety of industries.

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