Ozone Solutions

Applications of ozone generators – Wassertec is the leading designer and manufacturer of Ozone Generators in Cape Town, South Africa.

Wassertec Specialise in Ozone Systems for the Following Applications

The most advanced ozone system for prepared water and bottle disinfection currently on the market.
The Bright Blue CCS product and bottle disinfection systems were designed and developed specifically for the bottling of the “Bon Aqua” & “Dasani”
brands of bottled water. They conform to Coca-Cola standards for Ozonation and Electrical Equipment.

Ozone air treatment with the UVO Ultra Violet Ozone Generator is a safe, simple and effective way of eliminating odours and sanitising any indoor environment.
Replicating what nature has been doing for millions of years.

Venturi injectors are a highly efficient way to introduce liquid or gas into water. They are ideal for dosing chemicals, aerating water, dosing ozone and fertigation, irrigation, fertilizer dosing

The Indigo, ideal for smaller bottling plants, is a basic self-contained on/off system, with a built-in oxygen generator which can produce up to 40grams/hour of ozone.
The Bright Blue 20G has been specifically designed to supply ozonated water to bottle rinsers
so as to achieve package disinfection with seconds. These systems have been in production and constantly
refined since 2001. They are found in Dairy, Juice, Wine & Water bottling plants throughout Africa.

Azure has been designed for continuous operation in domestic and light commercial applications with minimal maintenance.

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